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John Busby’s Drawing Birds and Looking at Birds

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A couple of days ago, a package came in the mail which contained a very thoughtful gift for me from my husband: a copy of Drawing Birds by the British wildlife artist John Busby. It’s now the second book of Busby’s I own, and now both are special to me.

First Edition Drawing BirdsDrawing Birds: an RSPB guide. FIRST EDITION

This review by British Birds magazine was written by Ian Lewingon

John Busby is known as being a master of line and movement in bird art. Who better to produce this book explaining his thoughts and techniques of drawing birds. His ability to express himself and to describe exactly how to achieve a living bird in pencil is extremely clear and succinct and shows the expertise gained from his 30 years of teaching art.

The book is divided into six chapters. The first, introductory chapter deals with how artists have portrayed birds in the past, the feelings and concepts that have developed, and various styles.

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